About Tapt

What is Tapt?

Tapt is a networking platform that allows you to share important business information with others using hi-tech, reusable business cards and customisable pages.

You don't get a second chance to make a good first impression. With Tapt, we ensure that your first impression is meaningful, leading to lucrative and long lasting connections.


Key Information:

Who: A team of tech enthusiasts

Where: We are multi-national with a head office based in Melbourne, Australia

When: Founded in Nov 19'

Why: We are passionate about solving people's problems 

What: One card, endless possibilities 


Our Thesis:

As our time on social media only increases and we continue to meet and connect with people digitally, face-to-face meetings are going to be more highly-prized than ever. Here at Tapt, we believe that first impressions matter and that we have to make the most of our in-person interactions. Our digital business card intends to do just that, ensuring a thread of connection remains once a meeting is concluded. With unique lead generation capabilities and instant customisation, the Tapt card is the key to maximising the face-to-face interactions we do have.