Multiple Card Set Up

How do I set up multiple cards at once?

One of our most popular FAQs is how to set up cards for an entire company. The answer? It's easy! Follow the simple steps listed below and get your whole team tapping in no time. 


Step 1: Select which cards you want to set up 

Step 2: Select 'Set up shared info'

This is where you can select fixed contact details across all the selected cards. For example, you can select a company name that will be consistent on each of the cards. Handy, we know.

From here, there are two ways you can set up your cards for multiple cards:

Method 1: Enable Cardholder editing 


If your card design does not incorporate any personal information to be printed on the physical cards, you can enable cardholder editing and submit all cards for printing.

You should only use this feature if you don't intend to include personal details in the print of your cards

Click here to learn more about cardholder editing

Method 2: Save and close 

Step 1: After you've completed the shared information, select 'save and close'.

Step 2: Complete the setup by either manually entering in the missing information using the 'set up card' button on each card, or bulk uploading the remaining information using the 'Edit CSV' feature in the top right.

Click here to learn how to use the CSV