Single Card Set Up

How do I set up my personal Tapt Card?

If you've purchased a Tapt card of your very own, you might be wondering how to set it up. Our simple and easy-to-follow steps will get you from beginner to boss in a matter of minutes. 


Step 1: Go to my cards

Step 2: Go to 'Set up Required'

When card set up is complete they will be moved to either 'Active Cards' or 'Cardholder Editing' are 


Step 3: Click 'Set Up Card'

Step 4: Complete the form and submit the card for printing

Once the card setup is complete, your card will be pushed to production. Please note that:
• If you uploaded a design file, the card will go straight to print. 

• If you requested to use an existing design file or requested design assistance, our design team will send you a design proof before printing.