Editing Contact Details

How to I update my Tapt contact details?

We built Tapt with convenience and simplicity in mind. That's why our cards offer the ability to easily update your details on the go. Unlike traditional paper business cards, of which a new box is required every time a contact point is updated, Tapt gives you instant access to your dashboard for the straightforward updating of contact details. This will update in real-time on your profile and contact, keeping you up to date and ready to go. 

Important: This does not update your contact in the phonebook of everyone you have previously tapped. This will only update your contact for future taps.


Editing individual cards

To edit a specific contact's details, go to 'My Cards' > 'Edit Profile'


Editing multiple cards

Method 1: Edit shared company information by selecting multiple cards and clicking 'Edit shared info' 


Method 2: You can also use our CSV tool to update your contact details. Click here to learn how to use our CSV tool